HR 001 Let Stones Talk - s/t TAPE (sold out)
Anarcho crust from Silesia on two basses and two screaming vocals!
HR 002 Lune - Pazdziernikowe historie z De Centrum squat TAPE (sold out)
Emo? Screamo? Noise? Theater? To figure out what the Swiss are playing need to see them live. This tape does not fully reflect what has happened this cold October evening in Bialystok DeCentrum squat!
HR 003 Let Stones Talk - live EKH 9.11.2002 CDR (sold out)
Reminder of a crazy trip and concert with our friends Exmisja band from Gliwice. Show was recording at EKH Squat in Vienna, Austria.
HR 004 Squat Krzyk VIDEO CDR (sold out)
Video from 5th birthday of Gliwice squat "Krzyk" You can see e.g. Apatia band, Second Age band, some pictures and more cool stuff
HR 005 We Are Idols s/t LP
Containing 10 pieces of disgusting death’n’roll. 50% of punk, 25% of hard rock and 25% of  metal.
Grotesque lyrics, heavy riffs and furious rhytms... Something between Black Flag and Black Sabbath,
combined with z Entombed, Motorhead and melody of Turbonegro. And all on black or red vinyl.
HR 006 Life Scars s/t CD
Debut album by band from Biała Podlaska,  connected with Zakazny squat. Three girls and "bearded" drummer follow the old, melodic kind of punk rock. That will be the album of the year 2010!
HR 007 Family Man s/t LP
Named after a BLACK FLAG song this seriously rocking archaic hardcore-punk band from Germanys capital city Berlin featuring members of ATOMGEVITTER. This is quality hardcore-punk. No metal here, no chugga chugga, no double bass, no cheesey riffs, no forcing melody down our throats like many modern hardcore bands today. This is fast classic hardcore-punk with a few modern twists
HR 008 Silesia Omnibus Hardcore compilation EP
9 bands from Silesia - the industrial area in Poland. Crust, thrash and raging hard core. The bands: CASTET, HARD WORK, HGW, MINORITY, NICE SHOES, NO TIME TO WASTE, STEP RIGHT IN, STREGESTI, SWINIOPAS. The idea came from CASTET crew.
HR 009 Czas Złamać Prawo orwell was right EP
Anarcho punk from Poland with crust influence.
Connected with Zakazny squat in Biala Podlaska and DeCentrum in Bialystok.
Members from All Day Hell, Life Scars, Slowa We Krwi.
HR 010 We Are Idols powerless LP
Second LP of a Wrocław band We Are Idols will be out in january 2012. Album called “Powerless” will contain 11 brand new tracks, bit like and bit unlike the ones from their debut. Still good old death’n'roll but way more “death” than “roll” this time. Right inbetween The Stooges and Eyehategod. Seriously. Lyrics without puns, although sad and cruel. All of them on the matter of struggling of consciousness forced in human flesh with brute urges. Lots of symbolics and literary references. Grab some cheap whiskey and a handfull of prozac, it’s gonna be really grim.
HR 011 Life Scars/Bagna split LP
Yet another punk attack against the Fortress Europe a.k.a. Schengen border, this time in the form of a vinyl collaboration between two bands from both sides of the border. LIFE SCARS from Poland (including members of All Day Hell and Czas Złamać Prawo) deliver 6 brand new songs of their dirty sounding yet very catchy hardcore punk with dual (fe+male) vocals and socio-political lyrics. Undoubtedly great follow-up to their debut CD. On the flipside we find BAGNA from Belarus. Formed by ex-members of Contra La Contra, this is one of the most underrated bands in the European hardcore punk scene (again, most likely "courtesy" of the Schengen border). 7 uncompromising outburts of raging "Scandinavian" hardcore with bleak lyrics highly influenced by living under the heavy boots of Lukashenko's regime. Absolutely not a band to ignore.
HR 012 Tanzkommando Untergang/Wieże Fabryk split LP (sold out)
Tanzkommando Untergang is an international band based in Berlin and playing energetic dark-goth-punk, strongly rooted in the 80's tradition with echoes of also early UK anarcho-punk and female vocals often compared to X-Mal Deutschland. Songs taken from their debut demo CD. Wieże Fabryk formed in 2000 in industrial Polish city of Łódź, they play classic raw cold wave influenced by both Joy Division and Polish 80's cold wave legends (Made In Poland, Variete or 1984). Their side of the split is a different mix of 4 songs known from their "Dym" CD.
Black vinyl, 2-sided lyric sheet. Limited edition contains additional cover screenprinted by a Rozbrat squat collective.
HR 013 Hasta La Vista s/t LP (sold out)
First album after their demo by Crust Punk band Hasta La Vista from Wołów, Poland with dual male/female vocalists.
HR 014 Next Victim ogień ludzkich fobii LP
“Ogien ludzkich fobii” (The Fire Of Human Phobia”) is the 4th album by the crew of dark sludge punx from Poznan, PL. After their split with From The Depths and Next Victim singer (Gosia) performance with Catharsis during some of their European shows this summer, here’s the new piece of vinyl brought by Extinction, Hasiok, Nikt Nic NIe Wie and Scream. They added a viola and djembe to their monumental sound, there are guest vocals by Hellsiheaven singer. 
HR 015 Drip Of Lies/Rivers Run Dry split EP
DRIP OF LIES from Poland takes you back to those times when From Ashes Rise was still cool.
RIVERS RUN DRY from Hungary makes atmospeheric dark hardcore in the veins of Catharsis. ..good bands, amazing split.
HR 016 Zerum demo LP
A new band from berlin, feat. members of Insuiciety, and you can tell that from what zerum sounds like..., slow, angry, depressive , dark , heavy ...
If you like the riffing of Insuiciety you will love this ! kinda like a mix of old neurosis and damad, in a nice silkscreen cover, sick !
HR 017 The Lowest divided LP 
One of the most important new bands on the map of Polish hardcore scene. Massive sound, dark lyrics, gloomy atmosphere. Few European tours, many great gigs, and appetite for more. Energy and vitality of this band is amazing.
New EP, "Divided", brings you four brand new tracks on a 12 inch vinyl. Unique mixture of hardcore punk, metal and sludge. All vinyls come with amazing graver on the B side, done by Dawid Rudziński. Black vinyl will have additional cover by Rafał Wechter.
HR 018 Dark Hansen s/t LP
There it is!!!! A long, long wait was worthwhile.
300x 12". 5 songs on white Vinyl.
Dark hardcore with a touch of crust from germany. Comes with screenprint on the flipside, download code, and lyric sheet with english translation.
HR 019 Social Crisis s/t LP
Coming from Biała Podlaska, Poland and strongly involved in their local Zakaźny squat, Social Crisis (including members of Life Scars, All Day Hell, Czas Złamać Prawo and Victim of Truth) releases their debut full length LP. 11 crustcore ragers influenced by the likes of Disrupt, State of Fear and Extreme Noise Terror but also not without more melancholic riffs. Lyrics about subjects like animal rights, nationalist threat, enslavement by the beauty standards and other norms enforced by the society, growled by two female vocalists. Includes Antichrist (PL) cover.
The record is released in a cooperation of nine international labels. 500 copies pressed - 390 on black vinyl and 110 on limited smoked clear vinyl.

HR 020 Let Stones Talk - memories LP
My dream has come true! So, Let Stones Talk - "memories" from August 1st will be available on vinyl. In some circles still remembered the band from Silesia / Poland. Crust as fuck! Two voices, two bass, one guitar and drums. The album contains 7 songs from the demo released in 2000 and 5 live songs (two from Ostrow Wielkopolski and three from Vienna).
The album will be included with CDR (live video from Ostrow Wielkopolski + songs that were on vinyl) Dual insert with lyrics, photos, posters, clippings from zines. In addition, a mini poster made by screen printing, memories friends about band. 106 pieces on black vinyl. 180 grams. For silkscreen poster responsibility Rozbrat squat printing collective. Mastered by Jedrek from Riot Studio (I recommend!)

HR 021 Ura - s/t LP
Ura started in 2011 with the name R209 (the name comes from a book about animal liberation) but they decided to change it to URA.the Songs are totally against homophobia, sexism, racism and fascism and to support vegetarian and vegan lifestyle and the squatting of empty buildings to help develop the DIY culture. This is a must for fans of EKKAIA, FALL OF EFRAFA, ALPINIST... just amazing!
HR 022 Guantanamo Party Program / Hard To Braethe - split EP  
A 7-inch split containing two emotional perspectives on life, relations among people and passing time. Nine intense minutes full of touching melodies, solid riffs, omnipresent sadness… Frank and unpretentious emo-core and apocalyptic post hard core. The record contains a booklet which is a several-page-long zine with a handful of thoughts and pictures. 

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