piątek, 25 października 2013

What wrote Brian from Catharsis about our last release!

Next Victim is one of the few bands I still believe in. Starting with their previous band, Mind Pollution, these veterans of Poznan's Rozbrat squat have produced some of the best music of the past decade. This latest recording is an otherworldly masterpiece, perfecting their eerie atmospheres and hypnotic rhythms. Gosia doesn't just sing--she offers her beating heart in her open hands, she becomes a flock of demons out of Dante roaring, hissing, panting, and beseeching. The intricate guitar arrangements make an ominous beauty out of discord, and the viola is the final piece in the puzzle. This is my pick for the record of the year.  

brian (catharsis)

poniedziałek, 23 września 2013

Next Victim - ogień ludzkich fobii LP

“Ogien ludzkich fobii” (The Fire Of Human Phobia”) is the 4th album by the crew of dark sludge punx from Poznan, PL. After their split with From The Depths and Next Victim singer (Gosia) performance with Catharsis during some of their European shows this summer, here’s the new piece of vinyl brought by Extinction, Hasiok, Nikt Nic NIe Wie and Scream. They added a viola and djembe to their monumental sound, there are guest vocals by Hellsiheaven singer. 


poniedziałek, 15 kwietnia 2013

Long time without any news. Sorry, I was busy with school and take care for my lovely daughter but now we back! Soon (hope less like month) will be release LP polisch hardcore punk band HASTA LA VISTA. Two songs from upcoming album You can listen HERE.
Soon info about preorder.