środa, 26 lutego 2014


Zerum demo LP
A new band from berlin, feat. members of Insuiciety, and you can tell that from what zerum sounds like..., slow, angry, depressive , dark , heavy ...
If you like the riffing of Insuiciety you will love this ! kinda like a mix of old neurosis and damad, in a nice silkscreen cover!

sobota, 25 stycznia 2014

The Lowest - divided 12" preorder

One of the most important new bands on the map of Polish hardcore scene. Massive sound, dark lyrics, gloomy atmosphere. Few European tours, many great gigs, and appetite for more. Energy and vitality of this band is amazing.
New EP, "Divided", brings you four brand new tracks on a 12 inch vinyl. Unique mixture of hardcore punk, metal and sludge. All vinyls come with amazing graver on the B side, done by Dawid Rudziński. Black vinyl will have additional cover by Rafał Wechter.

250 black
100 transparent blue
100 black/white
50 clear/transparent red smoke

regular version

additional edition