środa, 14 grudnia 2011

We Are Idols - Powerless LP - test press

We Are Idols test press today arrive to Berlin. Band will get own copies in two days, when all will be fine we start pre order. Hope after x-mass LP will be anvilible.


wtorek, 29 listopada 2011


We Are Idols published cover from upcoming LP. Artwork by Rafal Wechterowicz (http://www.facebook.com/raf.the.might)

środa, 2 listopada 2011

We Are Idols - Powerless LP

Some news from We Are Idols crew:

Powerless, second LP of polish punks from We Are Idols is done and ready to be sent to pressing plant. Unfortunately, it won't be available on our upcoming tour, so we decided to put all the songs on our bandcamp profile.

We'll play few shows in Germany this month. This is how it looks:

05.11 - Lepizig @ Zoro w/ Iron Lamb
06.11 - Dresden @ AZ Connie w/ Overpowered
07.11 - Prague @ Cafe na pul cesty
08.11 - Day Off
09.11 - Berlin @ Koma F w/ Finnisterre, Family Man
10.11 - Poznań @ Rozbrat w/ Finnistere, AJKS
11.11 - Neubrandenburg @ AJZ w/ Throwers
12.11 - Finsterwalde @ L36


wtorek, 27 września 2011

WE ARE IDOLS - new song online [new LP and tour]

We Are Idols published the first song from upcoming album "Powerless" which will be released in November 2011 by Hasiok Records, Long Walk Records, Dropout Records and N.I.C Records.
Vinyl will be available during the upcoming tour.

05.11.2011: Wrocław, PL @ CRK
06.11.2011: Leipzig, DE @ Zoro
07.11.2011: Prague, CZ @ TBA
08.11.2011: Available (Czech, Eastern Germany). Book Us!, CZ/DE
09.11.2011: Berlin, DE @ Koma F
10.11.2011: Available (Northern Germany). Book Us!, DE
11.11.2011: Neubrandenburg, DE @ AJZ
12.11.2011: Finsterwalde, DE @ L38

The song is called "Triangle", and you can listen to it on the band page:

poniedziałek, 8 sierpnia 2011

still available from Hasiok Records and Sadness Of Noise!

Hasiok Records release

Family Man - st [lp]

Named after a BLACK FLAG song this seriously rocking archaic hardcore-punk band from Germanys capital city Berlin featuring members of ATOMGEVITTER. This is quality hardcore-punk. No metal here, no chugga chugga, no double bass, no cheesey riffs, no forcing melody down our throats like many modern hardcore bands today. This is fast classic hardcore-punk with a few modern twists

V/A - Silesia Omnibus Hardcore compilation [ep]

9 bands from Silesia - the industrial area in Poland. Crust, thrash and raging hard core. The bands: CASTET, HARD WORK, HGW, MINORITY, NICE SHOES, NO TIME TO WASTE, STEP RIGHT IN, STREGESTI, SWINIOPAS. Coproduced by NNNW / Pasazer and Hasiok labels. The idea came from CASTET crew.

Czas Złamać Prawo orwell was right [ep]

Anarcho punk from Poland with crust influence. Connected with Zakazny squat  in Biala Podlaska and DeCentrum in Bialystok. Members from All Day Hell, Life Scars, Slowa We Krwi.

Sadness Of Noise release 

SHADES OF GREY - freedom / incarceration [lp] 

Shades Of Grey should be well known to all who are into scandinavien d-beat/hardcore! They have been playin´ all around europe, Released a demo and a split LP with Massmord and now it´s time for their very own long-player! Dark, metallic guitar-riffs and melodies assisted by powerful d-beat drumming and brutal female vocals. 16 page booklet will all lyrics and explanations included. [lp]

CAPTAIN, YOUR SHIP IS SINKING - cross your fingers for the epilogue [lp]


Capitan, Your Ship Is Sinking is ayung band from The Niderlands. This is thier debut on vinyl. You will get 4 songs which are in the vein of bands like Envy, Dominic. Aussitot Mort and Neil Perry. Epic melodic screamo with dark vocals


Second LP from this graet French screamo hardcore band in the vein of La Quiete or Raein.

PANACEA s/t [lp]

Debut Lp from another great band from Eastern Poland. One the one hand it's a perfect mix of Spanish crust like Ekkaia or Madame Germen and one the other Funeral Diner or French screamo. Expect everything from slow emotional parts to furious head on d-beat tempos. Melancholic and powerful. CLEAR VINYL


The Bold And The Beautiful play angry as fuck, fast paced mixture of crust, early american hardcore. S.A.T.A.N. play power violence/complex, disharmonic power violnece, thrash


one sided 12 inch by the new band from Poland. The other side of the vinyl is silkscreened. Romeo Must Die are a mad and pissed off three-piece beleieving in the ethics of DIY. The group delivers 6 songs (nearly 20 minutes) that are not far from the Artimus Pyle, His Hero Is Gone or Catharsis kind of style, technically very well played, passionate and downtuned crust with low screaming vocals and lots of tempo variations. Heavy production and poetic lyrics make it powerful record. WHITE VINYL.


Silence is a heavy and dark hardcore punk with depressive and at times angry lyrics. Easpa Measa play dark melodic crust with female/male vocals influenced by Jobbycrust and Thin Lizzy.

czwartek, 14 lipca 2011

poniedziałek, 13 czerwca 2011

Czas Złamać Prawo "orwell was right" 7" AVAILABLE

Finally, after two months we have in our hands 7" CZAS ZŁAMAĆ PRAWO "orwell was right". Off corse, pressing plant make suprise for us, instead of press 100 copies clear vinyl make 5 diffrent colours (from black/grey to clear marbled). Still we have left few copies coloured vinyl. If You want just let us know.
Press info:
100 copies coloured
400 copies black

wtorek, 31 maja 2011

hardcore punk night @ Koma F

The Fight
hardcore punk - Warszawa/Dresden
Hasta La Vista
anarcho punk - Wołów
Age Of Woe
metal/punk [Ex- Massmörd/Future Ruins] - sweden
hc/punk - merseburg/leipzig

Koma F
Köpenicker Str. 137
10179 Berlin

czwartek, 12 maja 2011

Guantanamo Party Program|Avverkad|Eyedestroyed + Film @ Scherer8

Guantanamo Party Program - apocaliptic hardcore
Avverkad - crust punk
Eyedestroyed - doom/stoner

Ab 22 Uhr Film "Forbidden Fruit"
The sixth issue of an underground comic written by Dariusz Palinowski (nicknamed as Pala) is entitled "Forbidden Fruit". But this time it is presented in the film version. The full-length documentary contains acts of sex, violence, anticlericalism and entertainment.



Schererstr 8
13347 Berlin

S+U Wedding

czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2011

some nice show at Scherer8 in Berlin

La Casa Fantom - Drum'n'Bass, Crust Punk aus Oslo/Norway

Walpurgisnacht at Scherer8

Miraz - post punk / Warszawa
The Mokkers - garage surf / Berlin
Mangrove Kipling - noise ambient / Berlin

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HR 001 Let Stones Talk - s/t [tape]  sold out
HR 002 Lune - Pazdziernikowe historie z De Centrum squat [tape] sold out
HR 003 Let Stones Talk - live EKH 9.11.2002 [cdr]  sold out
HR 004 Squat Krzyk [video cdr]  sold out
HR 005 We Are Idols - s/t [lp] sold out 
HR 006 Life Scars - s/t [cd] sold out
HR 007 Family Man - st [lp]
HR 008 Silesia Omnibus Hardcore compilation [ep]
HR 009 Czas Złamać Prawo orwell was right [ep] available