wtorek, 11 września 2012

Taznzkommando Untergang news

Tanzkommand Untergang will go on tour in september/october. Three shows will play with Wieże Fabryk!!!

28.09 Poznan @ Rozbrat w/ Diphergan, Wieże Fabryk
29.09 Warszawa @ Kosmo Kosmos w/ Cult Of Youth, Wieże Fabryk
30.09 Bielsko Biala @ Backstage w/ BWS Sofos, Wieże Fabryk
01.10 Wrocław @ tba
02.10 Dresden @ tba
03.10 tba
04.10 tba
05.10 Hamburg @ tba
06.10 Munster @ Triptychon  w/ Lebanon Hanover

Split LP was in Top 10 MMR#352

one song Pictures from the Past at MMR Radio #1307


and review:

środa, 4 kwietnia 2012


Time for next preorder!
Tanzkommando Untergang is an international band based in Berlin and playing energetic dark-goth-punk, strongly rooted in the 80's tradition with echoes of also early UK anarcho-punk and female vocals often compared to X-Mal Deutschland. Songs taken from their debut demo CD.
Wieże Fabryk formed in 2000 in industrial Polish city of Łódź, they play classic raw cold wave influenced by both Joy Division and Polish 80's cold wave legends (Made In Poland, Variete or 1984). Their side of the split is a different mix of 4 songs known from their "Dym" CD.
Black vinyl, 2-sided lyric sheet. Limited edition contains additional cover screenprinted by a Rozbrat squat collective.


Vinyl will be release 20 april 2012!
Regular version - 9 euros, limited edition - 10 euros.
You can order via mail hasiokrecords[a]googlemail.com

środa, 15 lutego 2012

Hasiok Records pakiet

Podczas porzadkow w szafie natknalem sie na kilka sztuk limitowanej epki Czas Zlamac Prawo. Tak wiec wymyslilem sobie Hasiok Records Pakiet :wink:

Life Scars/Bagna - split LP (extra plakat na sicie, red transparent vinyl, 180 g, limit do 150)
We Are Idols - powerless LP (white vinyl, limit do 150)
Czas Zlamac Prawo - orwell was right EP (white transparent, limit do 100)
V/A - silesia omnibus hardcore vol. 1 EP (black, regular)

Za ten pakiet 100 zl + 10 zl poczta

Jesli dobierzesz dwie pozostale/dostepne pozycje, tj:
We Are Idols - s/t LP
Family Man - s/t LP

To pakiet bedzie kosztowal jedynie 150 zl + 10 poczta

Z tego co widze to takich pakietow moge przygotowac maksymalnie 5-6 sztuk. Tak wiec, kto pierwszy ten lepszy!

piszcie na hasiokrecords[a]googlemail.com

wtorek, 7 lutego 2012

Life Scars/Bagna-split LP [preorder]

Yet another punk attack against the Fortress Europe a.k.a. Schengen border, this time in the form of a vinyl collaboration between two bands from both sides of the border. LIFE SCARS from Poland (including members of All Day Hell and Czas Złamać Prawo) deliver 6 brand new songs of their dirty sounding yet very catchy hardcore punk with dual (fe+male) vocals and socio-political lyrics. Undoubtedly great follow-up to their debut CD. On the flipside we find BAGNA from Belarus. Formed by ex-members of Contra La Contra, this is one of the most underrated bands in the European hardcore punk scene (again, most likely "courtesy" of the Schengen border). 7 uncompromising outburts of raging "Scandinavian" hardcore with bleak lyrics highly influenced by living under the heavy boots of Lukashenko's regime. Absolutely not a band to ignore.

Check some songs at the bands' websites:


Life Scars | Myspace Music Videos

Pressed on 180g vinyl with a beautiful cover art by Raf Wechterowicz and 2 inserts with all lyrics in Polish, Belarusian and English.
400 pressed on black vinyl and 150 on limited clear red vinyl (with additional screen-printed poster).
Vinyl will be available February 24th.
International DIY collaboration of the following labels: Angry Voice | Hitchin to Revolution | Koreny Baobabu | Scream | No Pasaran | Up The Punx records.


poniedziałek, 16 stycznia 2012

some reviews

Czas Zlamac Prawo - orwell was right
Decent anarchocrust from Poland, melody in two voices with real angry female on the microphone. In the best moments a real steamroller that realy rocks. In the faster parts the pressure suffers a bit... but when they do a startup - WoW. Nice screenprint-cover,all lyrics in polish and for language idiots ;-) like me, also in english. (7)
OX Fanzine #98

Czas Zlamac Prawo - orwell was right
Baseball-bat-thick anarcho crustpunk hardcore from Poland. Two singers, female/male, hits the nail on the head. Not realy a prime example for diversified hardcore punk out of 2011, but grandmother bakes the  sunnday wavers all the time with the good old recipe since 69 years, and they taste good all the time! Its a bit sad that its hard to recognise a lot from the polish hc-punk-scene, if You not living close to the border or getting the review-examples in Your mail. Considerable how much realy good bands there are arround and how much You might miss. By the way thats the last EP from the band, wich its hard for me to wright down there name again.
Plastic Bomb #77

v/a - silesia omnibus hardcore vol. 1
Nine Bands on a 7", naturally ther is no time for filigree. Timeshot of the polish industrial region, Silesiaen, it reaches over to Czech and stylistically covers nearly all, from american Hardcore over crust to thrasch. It is interesting how less of "troubles by touching" they obviously have there. My Faves: the SWINIOPAS with their homage to Tony Hawk (6)
OX Fanzine #98

v/a - silesia omnibus hardcore vol. 1
Aha, one 7" Sampler with hc/punk and thrash bands from Silesia. Cool idea to come closer with 9 Bands those names I read the first time these days. Makes pro band not realy to the first minute, to assert themselfes in the fight for the sampler-king-title; therefor in short form my own impressions. HARD WORK with close to NY hardcore style, the bandphoto shows 5 strong tattooed guys with caps under their hoody. It fit's. NICE SHOES, they don't have only a nice name, they even make a realy fast thrashpunk with a funny-squeezed voice. HGW have there tones again, hardcore punk with dual voice. With STEP RIGHT IN it goes a bit more youth crew style on. Finally NO TIME TO WASTE give a modern hardcore track to the sampler. The band photo, on the thick paper booklet gives me a decent and sympathic impression of the 5 boys, therefore no minus for the quite dryish end on the A-side.
The flip-side starts with STREGESTI. Crusty hardcore punk with a lot of tempo and a jaging female voice. The record may produced somewhere in a practice room, but fits super to the sound. CASTET gave us hardcore punk with a realy good punk-edge and a funny songwriting, so far my favourite band. I'm checking them later on www. At MINORITY it goes on more tough and modern. Sure a lot of fun for friends of moshpit and violent dance. Not my cup of tea. SWINIOPAS pay homage with the song about skateboard legend Tony Hawk to there JFA skatecorethrash. All in all a nice idea to "fix-on" the kid's out there on the silesia hc-punk-scene, even when I declare in a naughty voice, good till two or three bands, on this sampler won't kick you off a barstool. Anyway I'll google for Castet and the Nice Shoes, just to make shure.
Plastic Bomb #77

v/a - silesia omnibus hardcore vol. 1
Silesia is not only the first word that I remember when I think of HC, but we live in globaliced world, so there might be HC everywere. Apart from Africa and the arabic peninsula maybe. This smal piece of plastic unites already 9 bands from the southwest of Poland on one compilation. On top of that there is a quite big booklet with lyrics, in polish, but nearly all are translated into english. By means of the photos all of the bands, good-till one of them are all-boy-bands. But who's wondering about that in HC bands at all... Musically it goes criss-cross from thrash to mosh and backwards, the quality/niveau is quite high (Stregesti is my favourite) and to look over the rim of your teacup cant be wrong. Quite a interesting thing.
Trust #150

środa, 11 stycznia 2012

Life Scars/Bagna split LP

Cover from upcoming album. Hope everything will work and letest end of february You can have in Your hands this records. Two songs from Life scars You can listen on our bandcamp profile: http://hasiokrecords.bandcamp.com


We have bandcamp. Now You don't need use fucking myspace for listeng music from our label. All in one place!


wtorek, 3 stycznia 2012

We Are Idols - powerless LP [pre-order]

Second LP of a Wrocław band We Are Idols will be out in january 2012. Album called “Powerless” will contain 11 brand new tracks, bit like and bit unlike the ones from their debut. Still good old death’n'roll but way more “death” than “roll” this time. Right inbetween The Stooges and Eyehategod. Seriously. Lyrics without puns, although sad and cruel. All of them on the matter of struggling of consciousness forced in human flesh with brute urges. Lots of symbolics and literary references. Grab some cheap whiskey and a handfull of prozac, it’s gonna be really grim.
Split Release with: Drop Out Records / N.I.C. Records / Long Walk Records.
CD available at Long Walk Records

niedziela, 1 stycznia 2012

We Are Idols - powerless LP [pre-order]

We Are Idols - powerless LP

Mozna juz zamawiac najnowsza plyte wroclawskich death'n'rollowcow.
Do wyboru dwa kolory: bialy-limitowany do 150 szt oraz czarny a wszytko to bedzie zapakowane w gustowny gatefold. Plyta, bez wzgledu na kolor w cenie 40 zl + koszty wysylki. Oczywiscie jest mozliwy odbior osobisty, 28 stycznia we wroclawiu. Plyta fizycznie bedzie dostepna 25 stycznia.

Press info:
6 test press
150 white
470 black 

zamowienia na hasiokrecords[a]googlemail.com

We Are Idols - powerless LP
You can order the newest album We Are Idols band from Wroclaw.
You can choice between of two colors: white, limited to 150 pieces, or black and everything it will be wrapped in a neat gatefold.
LP costs 10 euros no matter what color + shipping costs.
Record will be available January 25th.

Trade welcome!!!